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With the advent of movies like “Concussion” and the incidents of concussions in the U.S. reaching pandemic proportions, it is obvious there is a building market where massage therapists are needed. These protocols will be a huge addition to your practice and improve the quality of life for many of your clients.

Course Description:
In this workshop you will learn about the mechanisms of concussions and their consequences. Applying Professor Dembo’s research (see below), you will learn the theory behind and be able to perform techniques including the acceleration of CSF and lymph drainage and lateral neck compression and Manchurian acupressure for tension headaches. You will learn and incorporate five major petrissage/kneading techniques and full body silicone cupping connective tissue massage for fascial release and mobilization.

Here is an article from Boris on the subject:
Specially designed medical massage protocol is the most powerful methodology for management of concussions symptoms and much more.

 At the time when Professor Dembo proposed the Post-Concussion Rehabilitative Medical Massage Protocol, the prevailing opinion in the contemporary scientific community was that the terms such as a stunned brain, hibernating brain cells, apoptosis or programmed cell death meant the same thing – a non-reversible cell death. That means that a reversible apoptosis / hibernating brain cells as well as the post-concussion inflammatory response, weren’t possible because the brain was incapable of marshaling a post-concussion inflammatory response due to the selective permeability of the blood–brain barrier (BBB).

Today, 50+ years later many researchers support all that Prof. Dembo hypothesized and clinically proved. The outcomes were reproduced thousands of times.

I highly recommend everyone in our field learn these protocols and to start treating people in order to prevent movement disorders, dementia, chronic headaches, psychiatric behavioral disorders, etc. Together, we can make a big difference in people’s lives.

About the instructor: Boris Prilutsky has over 40 years experience performing/teaching sports and medical massage. Boris is one of the first to bring medical massage to the U.S. Boris is certified by The NCBTMB to teach over 50 courses on various techniques and modalities. For 20 years Boris worked on assignments with the Soviet Olympic teams and top athletes. Boris has trained over 8000 therapists worldwide. He is an inductee in the Massage Hall Of fame. For more blogs, videos and lessons visit Boris’s website:

FOR QUESTIONS CONTACT:  Mike Devo at 847-624-1164

20 CE’s approved by NCBTMB

October 21-23, 2016

Friday, Oct. 21
5 PM to 7 PM:
 Practical Theory of Concussions:
1. The mechanism of concussions and its consequences.
   a) In detail we will discuss post concussion hibernation of   brain cells VS.        Apoptosis also known as “programmed cell death”

2. History of massage protocol development and definition of biomarker, in     order to assess improvement of condition.

7 PM to 9 PM:
Boris will demonstrate following Hands-on techniques for acceleration of cerebral spinal fluid, techniques for acceleration of lymph drainage, lateral neck compression, and techniques to address severe post concussion muscular reflex spasm and/or muscular cramp:
Manchurian acupressure for tension headaches
·       Five major petrissage/kneading techniques
·       Full body silicone cupping connective tissue massage
·       Hands-on presentation will include questions and answers.
      All answers will be supported by hands-on demonstration.

Saturday, Oct. 22
9 AM to 11 AM: Hands-on: Participants will practice five major kneading/petrissage techniques
11 AM to 1 PM:  Full body silicone cupping massage.
2 PM to 4 PM:  Hands-on practice of Manchurian acupressure for tension headaches.
4 PM to 6 PM
:  Hands-on techniques for CSF drainage acceleration/lymph drainage.

Sunday, Oct. 23
9 AM to 10 AM:  Boris will demonstrate full medical massage protocol for rehabilitation from concussions.
10 AM to 12 PM: seminar participants will practice entire hands-on medical massage protocol for rehabilitation from concussions.
1 PM to 3 PM: Boris will manage discussion on learned material, including questions, answers and hands on demonstration
3 PM to 5:30 PM: participants will practice hands-on techniques.
5:30 PM to 6:00 PM: 
seminar summary

Registration Fee:
Before July 1:      $350
Pay by check:      $350  (to pay by check please use the contact us or call 847-624-1164)
After July 1:         $375

Silicone Cups:       $30

Silicone cupping will be taught so you will need to bring/purchase cups. (4 Cup Premium Transparent Silicone Cupping Set for Chinese Cupping and Massage Therapy from Sodynee)

Please bring massage table, two (2) bed sheets, personal towel and lotion (preferably non-allergenic for all skin types) and your silicone cups if you are bringing your own.  Also, please bring a notebook and a pen/pencil for taking notes.


Unfortunately this event has been cancelled.