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Massage Therapy for Headaches & Acupuncture FREE Seminar

Do you suffer from various forms of Headaches and have not found relief with pharmaceuticals? Are you curious about Acupuncture and the many benefits it provides?

Please join Licensed Massage therapist Mike Devo from International Medical Massage and Dr. Rob Gregory of Longevity Health and Fitness for this informative evening.

May 18,2017 6:00-7:00 at Integrated Fitness Solutions 2422 W. Main Street Unit 2A, St Charles, IL 60175

Headache disorders are a huge public health concern due to the associated pharmaceutical/medical costs and loss of productivity in addition to being gateways to other medical conditions like depression and anxiety.

The facts below are from the World Health Organization (updated 2016)

It has been estimated that almost half of the adult population have had a headache at least once within the last year.

Headache disorders, which are characterized by recurrent headache, are associated with personal and societal burdens of pain, disability, damaged quality of life, and financial cost.

Headache has been under estimated, under-recognized and under-treated throughout the world.

One third of all neurological appointments were for headaches.

There are 4 major groups of headaches: Migraine, Tension, Cluster and MOH medication overuse headache.
Mike Devo will discuss these various forms of headache and then demonstrate medical massage techniques used in an attempt to reduce the pain level and frequency of these occurrences. Including specific trigger point areas and Manchurian pressure point protocol. Mike will have a Q & A session, time permitting.

Dr. Rob Gregory will demonstrate and discuss other modes of headache relief primarily from an acupuncture perspective relating to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

This is a free seminar but there are a limited amount of seats.
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