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Piriformis Muscle Syndrome/Sciatic Nerve Neuralgia

Join International Medical Massage for a seminar on Piriformis Muscle Syndrome/ Sciatic nerve Neuralgia. Mike Devo from IMMA will be joined by Dr. Rob Gregory from Longevity Health and Fitness and David Boltz with Elite Stretch Therapy.

Mike, Dr. Gregory and David will discuss the anatomical complexities of the Piriformis Muscle and its effect on the sciatic nerve and other referred areas of discomfort. They will demonstrate various massage and soft tissue treatments to relieve painful consequences of Piriformis/sciatic complaints and will also examine ways to recover from and prevent future occurrences from this issue.

Mike will discuss the anatomy of the piriformis muscle and how it can cause sciatic nerve neuralgia and other types of dysfunction.

Dave will present reasons for the pelvic instability as well as therapy and stretches.

Dr. Rob will discuss the recovery and rehab aspects and tie everything together.

Food and drink will be available for purchase from The Taphouse Grill at this event.

There is limited seating for this free event so register early. Our last event sold out.

We will be raffling off several gift certificates for massage and Acupuncture treatments. Must be present to win.