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Massage therapist/owner

Mike Devo

Mike is a massage therapist who designs each massage to reflect the client's wishes and incorporate his techniques accordingly, whether it is a Swedish massage for relaxation or a Therapeutic massage for pain or injury.  Mike also works on chronic pain issues such as Migraine Headaches, post surgical procedures, TMJ, Sciatica and more.

“ People are changing attitudes about massage and other alternative medicines. Massage can be a great alternative to having surgery for issues such as Rotator Cuff, Knee Strain/Sprain, Carpal Tunnel, Tennis Elbow and others.”

 He is passionate about learning and developing new techniques to enhance his practice.

Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB), Licensed Massage Therapist, Member of The AMTA

Deep Tissue, Lymphatic Drainage, Myofascial Release, Pre/Postnatal, Reflexology, Sports, Swedish, Trigger Point, Post Isometric Relaxation, Stretching

Mike does his medical massage training with Dr. Ross Turchaninov, MD. If you would like to read articles from the Science Of Massage Journal or just learn more about medical massage go to www.scienceofmassage.com.

Massage therapist

Sarah Stanley

Sarah has been happily doing Clinical Massage Therapy for 10 years now and still loves it.  She is knowledgeable in quite a few massage modalities in hopes to be able to help anyone who comes to her for a massage. Sarah has always enjoyed the Sports and Injury Massage because it means working as a team to help facilitate the client's healing so they can either enjoy their favorite sport or daily life activities. Within the past three years, she has been Certified in Cupping, Aroma Therapy and some Energy work. As well as a better understand in different techniques to help clients who are actively fighting cancer and those whose cancer is in remission to help build and strengthen their immune system. As for the other types of massages Sarah can perform; Swedish: Deep Tissue: Sports/ Injury Massage Hot Stone: Pre and Post Natal: Lymphatic Massage: Headache Treatments: Cold Stone :Cupping Silicon and Pressure: Aromatherapy: Energy Work  

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Massage therapist

David Boltz

David's massage and bodywork practice has evolved in Elite Stretch Therapy. His approach blends disciplines of many amazing teachers and nearly 20 years of hands on experience into a truly potent skill set.  At EST, he specializes in the use of massage and stretch therapy to assist you in recovery from workouts and injury.  No matter your activity level, weekend warrior to the elite, his work can decrease your pain, increase strength, stamina and flexibility.

Not an athlete? Don't worry, you still can benefit from massage. Although orthopedic massage is my specialty, my experience and diverse approach can help anybody with strains, sprains, spasms and those pesky knots wherever they may be. Even a relaxing massage has a very profound effect. So just because you don't compete every weekend, he knows you want to perform your best in whatever you do. Everyone can benefit from a therapeutic massage. Chances are, you will be amazed.

You can find more about Elite Stretch Therapy

Massage therapist

Sheila Cook

Sheila has been a licensed massage therapist since 2011 and practicing Clinical Aromatherapist since 2008. Sheila believes in the body’s ability to heal itself and utilizes her expertise to assist in this process.  Through thoughtful communication to understand the needs of her client, her style combines clinically based deep tissue massage, sports massage including rock tape, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation, Swedish massage and stretching. She also practices modalities using therapeutic-grade essential oils including The Raindrop Technique, Egyptian Emotional Clearing and Chakra Balancing. Sheila believes that massage does not have to hurt to be effective and to promote pain and tension-free relief, deep relaxation and balance in body and mind. She hopes every client leaves with a smile and feeling renewed.