First of all, you gotta love a guy who rescues your once-in-a-llfetime Thanksgiving family trip to Ireland. Having my third shoulder problem, I did not have time to see the doctor before the trip. Mike got me shaped up for travel, and gave me excellent survival tips. After seeing the doctor upon my return (scapula strain), Mike's massage was the perfect companion treatment to physical therapy. In addition, Mike was able to trouble shoot, and solve, a related problem, without me having to return to the doctor.

This is not my only positive experience with Mike's expertise. I recently had my first-ever abdominal massage, which helped me recover from colon cancer surgery. 

Mike is a knowledgeable, patient, positive professional, who listens to your concerns, and finds the right solutions for your body. I highly recommend his services, and not just when you have problems! Treat yourself to a massage for purely mental reasons, even when your body is doing all right - it is a proactive gift for both your mind and your body.
                                                                                                                                                ~Margaret Morgan


For many years I suffered from varying degrees of shoulder pain, which I tried my best to ignore.  About 18 months ago the pain started to interfere with my daily activities, including exercise, yoga, lifting my coffee cup, household tasks, and sleeping.  The pain was not only in the joint, but all the muscles around it seemed to be tense and painful as well.  I went to the doctor and was prescribed 6 weeks of physical therapy, during which I had a small amount of improvement.   A subsequent MRI showed a Labrum tear.  While my doctor and I discussed surgery, I was not really given any other options other than just to deal with it and adjust my activity accordingly.  That's when I decided to explore therapeutic massage as a way to alleviate some of the tension I was feeling in my neck, shoulder, back, and arm.  I've been seeing Mike about every two weeks for roughly 3 months, and I'm thrilled with the results.  I can move much more freely, I'm in very minimal pain, and can sleep soundly.  I do still avoid certain activities that cause a lot of joint pain (push-ups in particular), but all those muscles surrounding and supporting my shoulder feel great!  I'm so glad I chose to explore massage as a treatment before jumping into a surgical procedure.                                                                                                                                                          ~ Amy Parise

I’m a 51-year-old registered nurse who enjoys an active life style including hiking, biking and kayaking. I first saw Mike for trigger point massage for a knot in my shoulder. He was recommended by the physical therapist I was seeing for some ongoing lumbar/sacral and hip issues. Upon my first visit I was telling Mike about my other pain issues that I had been struggling with for about 2 years including some bulging discs, sacral iliac joint pain and a small tear to my gluteus medius tendon. I had some relief from lumbar injections, a hip bursa injection, and physical therapy but was still struggling with pain and limitations. Mike said my muscles surrounding my sacral and hip area were very tight and knotted. I then started seeing Mike for deep tissue massage that focused on my problem areas. I also continued to do all my physical therapy stretches and exercises. With each massage I started to notice improvement in my pain with daily activities and exercises. I truly credit Mike and massage therapy having a significant role in my recovery along with the injections and physical therapy. This past summer I was happy to return to the activities I enjoy so much.                                                                                                      ~ Pam Hines

Mike Devo has been my medical massage therapist for over three years and I believe if I had not been under his care I would be walking with a cane or even worse a walker. I was in a boat accident that caused severe damage to my spine and other areas in my back. After having five back surgeries I was still left with limited movement and intense pain. I came to Mike seeking pain relief. What I have gained over three years is a greater range of motion in movements, relief from pain in specific areas in my back and an increase in my endurance. Mike has the ability to listen to your pain issues and share with you his medical knowledge in a clear and concise manner that is unintimidating. He developed a personalized treatment plan for me and applied his kinesiology education and experience that helped target my specific health issues.  He has taught me exercises for primary and secondary muscle groups that have built strength and flexibility. He encourages me to continue moving and to stay focused on my goals but also has the compassion to understand that some days are not as easy to deal with as others. I would highly recommend Mike Devo as a well-qualified professional in the medical massage therapy field. His standard of care is exceptional and I would encourage you to take the time to talk with him and begin planning a course of treatments.                                                                                                         ~ Cindy Vasek

Mike Devo is a skillful massage therapist who has improved my health and well-being. I first saw Mike after an epidural for my lumbar spine and physical therapy failed to provide complete relief. He identified a badly “knotted” TFL band on my left side, no doubt earned by months of walking badly, and worked out the knots for me. Though the process was uncomfortable, Mike maintained communication with me throughout to be sure I was okay with the pressure, and I felt immediate relief. Then he taught me how to maintain it using a super ball for more targeted pressure point impact then I was getting with a foam roller. The bursitis in my left hip is now completely gone, and I am back to my workout program.

When I developed trigger finger that injections could not cure and needed surgery, a subsequent massage from Mike reduced the post-surgical swelling. Since I have additional fingers that are symptomatic as well as Dupuytren’s contracture, Mike has taught me massage techniques to reduce inflammation. Now I hope to avoid further surgery. I have enjoyed the benefits of regular massage for almost three decades. After my massage therapist of 26 years retired, I tried lots of therapists.

Mike is unique among them for several reasons: His knowledge about specific techniques to treat specific issues is amazing and very effective, and he explains what he’s doing. He teaches self-care techniques to use at home, between appointments, and even loaned me a DVD to help me learn how to massage my hands more effectively. He is extremely strong and can provide deep pressure but never exceeds what I’m comfortable with and communicates with me to ensure that. Mike has made me a fan. I’d be happy to talk about my experiences as his client with you.       ~ Ellen Ljung

I work for Fed Ex and recently had a back injury that forced me to take time off from work. Mike helped me with massage therapy and also taught me stretching exercises specific to my injury. He also recommended a chiropractor. With this combination I was back to a strenuous job like Fed Ex in just one week. Mike has an easy personality, is very knowledgeable and truly cares about helping people. I feel comfortable asking for his help.                                                 ~Barb Benedetto